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Don’t let technology get in the way of growing your business

Today’s modern business environment cannot function without optimized business IT infrastructure that boosts productivity and delivers high customer satisfaction. Your organization needs these IT solutions to unlock its full potential, but investing in technology and managing it effectively are two different yet extremely important aspects of running a successful business. Instead of spending time and money trying to figure out how to do this yourself, why not leverage the expertise of the experienced engineers at Nextek, Inc?

As a provider of professional technical support to businesses in South Florida, Nextek, Inc has a team of IT engineers that will manage every aspect of your business technology. Whether it’s implementing effective cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyber attacks or providing IT support to Miami businesses, our Managed IT Services in Miami can handle everything related to your IT business needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business and leave your technology in the hands of our experts.

Why choose Nextek, Inc IT Support
and Managed IT Services in Miami?

Nextek, Inc specializes in providing Managed IT Services in Miami and surrounding counties. We also provide a host of other essential IT services such as cloud migration, cybersecurity monitoring to prevent cyber attacks, and much more. We believe that adding a personal touch to our clients is extremely important because we know what it’s like to run an SMB and what it means to build a long-term business relationship. We are not a “9 to 5” local IT company, which means our service extends beyond the traditional working hours so we can effectively monitor our client’s technology. You can contact us at any time and we’ll show up and deliver results. Get immediate IT support and technology solutions  when a technical problem arises. Our team will become your local technology solutions partner, resolving all technology issues without delay, ensuring your business operations won't be affected.
  • Fully Managed IT services by a team of experienced and qualified professionals
  • Certified IT Support team that respond quickly to your IT issues
  • Expert onsite or remote troubleshooting of both hardware and software to fix the problem as soon as possible
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your IT network and delivering proactive IT solutions that minimize future issues
  • Implementation and management of strong cybersecurity protocols to keep your data and networks safe from cyberattacks
  • Smart data backups that keep your data safe during catastrophes as well as fast recovery to save your business from massive revenue losses and possible bankruptcy


Nextek, Inc’s Cloud solutions make accessing, sharing, and working simultaneously on files easier than ever

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Prevent prolonged downtime with our bundled backup solutions that regularly save your data so it can be restored in the event of an emergency

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Nextek, Inc’s highly skilled project management team uses industry best practices and tools to deliver project reviews, documentation, and assessments that set you up for success

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Whether you need to improve your current network infrastructure, design a new one, or expand to multiple systems, we can make it happen

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We ensure your systems and data are always secure with next-gen cybersecurity solutions that keep you safe from cyberthreats. With our network security services, you can protect yourself and your company from the unavoidable attack and reduce potential risk to your network security.

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Our cutting-edge phone systems enable you to send and receive phone calls over the internet leading to improved communications at a lower cost

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Our Managed IT Services in Miami Florida can make a positive impact on your bottom line. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any activities or services that relate to implementation, management, or support of IT systems and networks as a comprehensive package can be considered Managed IT services. A Managed Service provider delivers their version of these services to customers that need professionally managed business IT.
It may seem expensive from the outset but Managed IT services are actually a very cost effective way to get the best out of your business technology. Small businesses need IT systems as much as large enterprises do but instead of spending time working on IT issues or investing heavily into IT personnel, a small business owner can save on costs while receiving exceptional IT services that optimize their business operations.
Our team of experienced cybersecurity experts are always willing to help you but we won’t be able to guarantee a positive result until we examine your IT infrastructure carefully. Each attack must be considered on a case-by-case basis and if it is possible, we’ll do our best to remove the ransomware from your IT and ensure that your network security is safe.
By relying on professional IT Support in Miami Florida, your operations will no longer be disrupted for hours or days as you scramble to find the right person to call. We’ll monitor your network remotely and tackle any problems with our expertise and do our best to ensure that these problems do not recur. Your employees should be able to work easily and uninterrupted and our swift action will help you save on maintenance costs and ensure that you have the competitive edge.
Yes! The only things we do not assist with are network and hardware issues.

Looking for technical support
and Managed IT services in Miami?

Looking for a local IT company in Miami that is concerned with the growth of your company? Contact Nextek to learn more about what top-tier Miami IT support can do for you.


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