Is setting up a computer network for my small business really that hard?

The short answer to this is “Hell, yes!”

If you want to drive yourself crazy, go ahead and figure out which cables will give you the performance levels you want and how to set them up for optimized function and in accordance with safety regulations. Then, if you haven’t done so already, push yourself over the edge by configuring your wireless connections. Or you can stay sane by letting experts set up your network for you.


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  • How poor network performance leads to poor business outcomes
  • How networks can either bolster or stifle growth
  • Why network cybersecurity is crucial for your company

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“Outstanding provider!”

"Calls back fast, usually within 20 minutes. He has solved ALL of our computer problems - in the business, at home, and server problems. My perception before hiring Nextek was that IT people are always lying and manipulating to get money. I was very reluctant. After hiring Nextek, our problems disappeared and at the right cost!"

Nadene Cates
John’s Place