Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent prolonged downtime with bundled backup solutions

A short power outage can cause long-term problems.

You need a plan of action for recovering IT in case disaster strikes. Whether a Category 5 hurricane or a blown transformer causes company downtime, there must be solutions in place to get your team back up and running in minutes instead of months.


Nextek, Inc’s Data Backup & Recovery solutions feature:

  • Server Backup - cloud-based data centers keep your servers and software safe from localized disasters
  • Secure Storage - data at rest and in transit are protected with AES 256-bit, end-to-end encryption
  • Archiving & Versioning - every version of your files are securely stored for quick retrieval

VoIP Phone Systems

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WiFi & Network Design

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Server & Desktop Support

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IT Project Management

Complete projects on time and within budget

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